Imagination to commercial reality

Create beautiful products from your ideas.
Let us help you design, prototype and mass produce your dreams.

Mechanical DesignPrecision Engineering

Rapid PrototypingProduction Manufacturing


Processing materials include metals
steel alloys, iron, stainless steel and
much more. We will also work with
difficult to machine materials, such as
titanium, nickel-iron alloy, niobium
and more.


We can cater the process of simple
two-dimensional items to precise
three-dimensional objects, from
one-off prototypes to mass production;
Processes such as MC, CNC, NC,
plane surface finishing, bending,
painting, welding, brazing, Die-sink EDM,
and Wire-cut EDM are our specialty..


From your ideas and concepts,
we can design plans and your ideas
into commercial reality; a fully
integrated manufacturing possibility.
We can work with your budget and
also propose simplification designs
while maintaining your functionality


Prototypes designed and manufactured
in Japan, and after evaluation, mass-
production in Taiwan and China is also
possible. For single items, with the use
of local materials, products can be ready
for delivery in as short as 5 days.
Quantity of 1-250 for most processing
methods is possible, with no upper
quantity limit for CNC processing.


Assembly of items, vacuum-tight
welding, welding structures and
brazing structures are also possible.

From your concepts and goals, through our innovative solutions,
we will place the unreachable within reach and impress by our
speed and flexibility.